What is the meaning of KromaLife

Our artistic creations are meant to inspire and motivate us and ultimately give us a brighter perspective on life and the importance of connecting with each other and to all living things. The multiple colors that we incorporate into our work represents the uniqueness and diversity present in life.

KromaLife Style
Kromalife is an art style that is composed of irregular shapes, fluid lines and vivid colors. These define the subject but in a way that also maintains its proportions and therefore makes that subject recognizable. 

A Little History
The first KromaLife artwork was a painting of a Doberman Pincher. It was hand painted with acrylic paint on canvas. That first portrait is now part of the Kromalife Collection which spans over 100 dog breeds and included other subjects as well. 

This style was created in the summer of 2012.

Words from the Artist - What is Art to You?
“In my life I perceived myself as artistic and not necessarily as an artist. The reason is that I accepted that I could express myself artistically in many ways but the “artist title” seems to have a more concrete definition that is limited.

I do believe there is artistic talent in each of us. But, we have to nurture a talent to fruition and might need the inspiration and motivation to move forward.
I believe that art is expression and expression is communication. It can be a way for us to reach out or reach in and perhaps even find our selves or seek a balance through a form of artistic meditation. What we are really talking about is our emotions which are rationalized through our thoughts but materialize physically through our art. “